The Course

Arkansas' Newest Endurance Run Adventure is here. This 5 mile obstacle is designed with mud, water, and rugged terrain! Run, climb, crawl, swing, slip and slide through this obstacle-packed course and you can say "I licked the Lizard!"

Obstacles Include:

  • Pioneer Plunge – 60’ of down and deep.
  • Unhinged – Not your ordinary swing.
  • Quad Commander – Yep, tires.
  • Pirate Planks – Walk ‘em or swim.
  • Up a Creek – You guessed it. No paddle.
  • Big Dam Log Pile – Well, duh!
  • The Black Forrest – Beware high and low.
  • The Underground – Hmmmmmm.
  • What the Hay – Climbing shan’t suffice.
  • Slick Willy – More fun than Bill himself!

…just to name a few. Over 20 obstacles and counting! Can you “Lick the Lizard”?